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The 110 Best Australian Albums

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The 110 Best Australian Albums

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John O'Donnell, Toby Creswell & Craig Mathieson

An updated version of the highly controversial and best-selling book 100 Best Australian Albums, 110 Best Australian Albums opens up the debate once more, with 10 new albums mixing up the rankings and providing you with the ultimate, most up-to-date list of Australian music.

The book names the best Australian albums of the last 60 years, placing each album in order (from 1-110) and discussing why each album deserves its place. It tells the story behind the making of the album, where the album fits in the artist's career and the album's impact on the local and world stage. The entries feature interviews with the artists and the producers/managers involved in the recording and the release of the album. It’s a veritable who’s who of Australian music from Midnight Oil, Crowded House, Cold Chisel, Nick Cave and Paul Kelly through to Flume, Courtney Barnett, AB Original, Royal Headache and more.

A must for every Australian music lover!